US Free Lotto Games

We’ve got 1 basic priority here at, and that’s to ensure you have the best possible time playing online. We already know our players are busy and need to keep up with their games on smartphones and tablets, and we don’t want you to waste any of your precious downtime. That’s why we’ve assembled all the best places to play Lottery and other games for you right here. You can read through them at your own pace, and then decide which ones offer the game combinations you’d most enjoy and check those out for yourself. There’s a whole world of entertainment waiting for you, and we’re the perfect ticket in!

A Wide Range of Choice

When you’re playing on your mobile device, you not only have more control over when and where you play, but also many more options of what to play. There’s a huge range of Lottery games and games with Lottery elements at your fingertips, and you can choose from the best of the best with Keno, for example, also requires you to choose numbers on each ticket that you buy. The winning numbers are then drawn from a pool of 80, and you’re paid out according to how many of your ticket numbers match those that were drawn, how many other players are holding successful tickets and how much you originally bet. Scratch cards are essentially instant Lottery games, and you don’t even have to choose your own numbers. Many of the sites we list for you here offer the chance to play these games in a No Deposit mode, so you can get familiar with them. These free lotto games are a great way to build up your confidence before you start playing for real money.

Lotto Games and Wins

One of the best parts of playing online games is how much better the payouts can be than when you’re playing offline. Online outfits carry much lower overheads, so they can afford to reward you more and can afford to accept lower amounts when you’re placing a bet. There are also a lot more bonuses, promotions and special deals online, which can help you stake more money and then win more too. Most of the sites showcased here on have gotten very creative with their prizes, and you could win anything from a holiday cruise to a luxury car. They also often offer Lottery Tickets as part of a bonus or reward package, which essentially means they are giving you free lotto games. There’s so much for you to explore and enjoy!

Free Lotto with Exceptional Sides

You can play the Lottery together with almost any other game you can think of, and we’ve found all the best American sites for you to do it. Enjoy stress-free Lotto games as rewards, and play other games for no deposit when you want to relax. When you’re ready to play for real money, you’ll know exactly what you’re doing and exactly where you want to do it.