Play Mobile Lotto USA

Most lotto’s require players to choose six numbers between 1 and 49. Draws take place on Wednesday and Saturday evenings and six main numbers are drawn first, followed by a seventh number known as the Bonus Ball. This final ball gives players the chance to increase their winnings should they match five of the six main numbers plus the Bonus Ball. Players win the Lotto jackpot if they match all six main numbers drawn but prizes are also awarded to players who match as few as three main numbers. There are many ways in which players can purchase lotto tickets. Players can buy physical tickets at a supermarket, they can buy tickets online using their PC or laptop and now they can also buy ticket online using their mobile devices.

Buy Lotto Tickets Online

Buying Lotto tickets online or on your mobile is quick, easy and secure. The system eliminates any possibility that a ticket can be lost, stolen or damaged and you are notified via email if your ticket matches a winning combination which ensures that prizes for tickets purchased online never go unclaimed.

How Mobile Lotto Prizes Work

Lotto prizes are awarded for matching as few as three main numbers and, with the exception of the lowest tier, are calculated on a pari-mutuel basis. This means that each tier is allocated a set percentage of the prize pool and distributed equally between the winning tickets holders in that tier.

Claiming a Prize

Most national lotto prizes are valid for 180 days after the draw takes place, so if a player has an unchecked ticket, or simply wants to double check, they shouldn’t throw their ticket away without thoroughly checking their numbers first. If you’ve played the mobile Lotto online, the method of claiming will be different to that of paper tickets. The value of your win will also affect the way in which you make a claim. Claiming your winnings from your mobile device couldn’t be easier, players simply have to go to and follow the instructions. All the information involving how to claim your prize is available at, along with many other helpful hints and tips.

Supports All Mobile Devices

Players can use any mobile device to play the lotto on the go. Whether a player is using a smartphone or a tablet, it doesn’t matter. All popular operating systems are also supported, so whether players are running Windows, iOS, Android or Blackberry, they can all buy tickets and claim their prizes anytime, anywhere.

Playing the lotto on a mobile really frees players up to pick their numbers whenever they like. Often players forget to buy their lotto tickets and only realize when they are at work, but this no longer a concern. Now players can simply take out their mobile device and buy their tickets on their mobile device anytime. Another convenient aspect of mobile lotto is the fact that if a number suddenly pops into a player’s head they can simply pick up their mobile device and buy a ticket with that number on it.

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