National Lotto Online

There’s a long heritage of Lotteries in America, and playing hasn’t always been easy. Today the games are run by 47 jurisdictions, namely the 44 States and the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia, and buying tickets from any of these has never been simpler or more rewarding. There is no central National Lotto in America, and every jurisdiction has its own laws, but they all allow for tickets to be bought online or offline. Here at, we want to help you in the online arena as much as we can.

A Little Lotto History

Lotteries have been used in America as a form of entertainment and an important form of fundraising since Frontier times, and there are several State lotteries that still bring revenue in for causes like public education projects. In fact, it was considered a civic duty to play national Lotto games in the original 13 colonies, and frankly we agree!

Later on, Lotteries were increasingly seen as a sign of bad society and behavior, and were banned by state after state. Many illegal games were played until they started gradually being recognized again, which is why we now have separate jurisdictions and not 1 National Lotto. It’s actually a pretty fluid system, with different Lottery charters forming and disbanding quite often, and different types of Lottery games on offer.

How Lotteries Work

There are a few different Lottery game configurations available to American players, and here at we’ll show you the best sites for all of them. In essence, a lottery game requires a player to match the numbers on their ticket with the winning numbers that are drawn from a big pool. Once the winning set has been drawn, payouts are made according to how many people are holding tickets with matching numbers. Most games offer 3, 4, 5 and 6 number options, with different odds and payouts, and you need to decide which balance of risk and reward is right for you.

Advantages to Online Lotteries

Playing online, especially if you’re playing on your smartphone or tablet, gives you a lot more freedom than physically buying your Lotto tickets at 1 place does. You can do it whenever and wherever you like, and don’t have to interrupt your daily life at all. Many Lotto websites also offer you exclusive deals and promotions when you use them, so you can sometimes actually get a lot more money out by playing this way. You also have a lot more choice at your fingertips, and we’ve handpicked all the best options for you right here at You can browse through them all on our comprehensive site, instead of wasting your time chasing up worthwhile options yourself. We’ve also chosen to focus on the sites where you can play great Lotto games and enjoy other entertainments such as Sic Bo, Bingo, Keno and Slots at the same time and we’ve given you some basic pointers on all of them to get you going. Everything is waiting right here for you, so get started now!