Huge Powerball USA Winnings

Powerball is a Lottery game that was developed and created right here in the US of A. It can be played online in different parts of the world now, but is still at its original and best on American soil. You’ll be buying tickets for the same draws whether you do it on- or offline, and when you’re using your tablet or smartphone you can do it from wherever you are. You can also choose from a much bigger range of sites to play at and we’ve listed all the best options for you right here on With a minimum advertised Jackpot of $40 million this is a great game to get involved in, and we’ve got some basic pointers here to start you off.

The Principles of Powerball

Powerball draws are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 10:59 p.m. Eastern Time, and the official cutoff time for buying tickets is an hour before then. Every ticket costs $2, and the draws usually take place at the Florida Lottery’s studio in Tallahassee.

This was the first Lottery game to use 2 drums to draw balls from, making it a real game-changer in the industry. There are 69 white balls in 1 drum and 26 red balls, or Power Balls, in the other. This arrangement really increases your odds of winning something on each draw, and delivers bigger Jackpots overall. You need to choose 5 white balls and 1 red Power Ball, and you’ll be paid out for every corresponding numeral on your ticket as long as you also have the winning Powerball number, or as long as at least 3 of your white ball numbers match. The order of the white balls doesn’t matter, and you can choose the numbers yourself or have the machine you’re using randomly do it for you with the Quick Pick option. It all depends what you prefer, but don’t knock the Quick Pick option. The game’s record payout of $590,500,000 was made this way to Gloria MacKenzie in 2013!

When playing Powerball USA citizens have about a 1 in 25 chance of winning something, and when they do they can choose how they want to claim their payouts. You can have different Jackpots annuitized to you over 29 years, totaling 30 payments when you count your 1st immediate payment, or given to you as 1 cash lump sum. If you choose to take all the cash at once, you’ll be paid out and will then pay the full tax on your takings. With the annuity options your winnings can be invested before taxes and your annual payment will be increased every year by 5%. It’s a very big decision, which is why it’s so great to know you can trust all of the Powerball USA sites we list here on

Power Play Option

The game of Powerball USA citizens have available to them also includes a special Power Play feature. This allows you to increase the original prize amounts, except in the case of the Jackpot. These tickets cost $1 more than regular ones, and you have to choose this option when you’re buying your tickets and not after you’ve won. There are a couple of different Power Play upgrades, depending on the winning ticket that a Powerball USA player is holding, but they’re always more rewarding. Any Powerball option is great action to get in on, and you’ll soon find your favorite with the sites we’ve listed at Start discovering them now!