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When you’re playing the Lotto, it’s great to add games that have a different pace and rhythm to the mix. It helps keep everything more exciting and helps you to win more! The exhilaration of a Slots machine is a natural complement to Lotto games, which is why we show you the best US sites offering both right here at MobileLottoUSA.com. We’re committed to making sure you enjoy every online playing experience to the max, so besides lining up the best options here we’ve also given you some game guidelines to get things started.

Slots History

These games were actually created right here in America at the beginning of the 20th century, in bars across Brooklyn and San Francisco. The objective with these machines is always to spin the reels, and then to see what symbols are showing when they stop. If the symbols decorating the reels line up in pre-set configurations called Paylines, players stand to win huge multiples of whatever they originally staked.

The first machines had 3 reels and 1 payline, with bright symbols like fruit, shapes and numbers. Their style is still very popular today, and actually often pays out the most money. Machines featuring only fruit symbols are generally called Fruit Machines, and have added features that allow players to control when the reels stop – after they’ve had some serious practice, that is!

In the 1960s Slots machines were taken to Las Vegas, to keep the wives and girlfriends of the men at the tables busy, and the rest is history. They exploded from there, and while the original styles are still very popular new machines with more reels and paylines were added. Many games have been developed for the digital arena, including the Video reels that took things to a whole new level. These games will involve you in detailed storylines that unfold as you play them, complete with Bonus Rounds that link back to the central theme and help you win more. For the ultimate in thrills and wins, many sites listed at MobileLottoUSA.com offer Progressive Jackpot machines that link many players and machines to 1 huge prize pot!

Practice Slots before Real Play

It’s definitely possible to win jaw-dropping amounts of cash when you’re playing Slots machines, but you can also lose a lot and you need to stay calm and collected. Start off with free games in the Practice Play mode, to get a feel for them before you risk anything. This is especially important if you’re developing your skills for the Fruit Machines! Once you’ve got a little more confidence, start using real money in small amounts. Sometimes it’s only possible to see a full game when you place a bet, so you need to check they really are worth it. When you’re sure you stand a good chance of winning some real cash, place your bets as high as you can to improve your odds. Even at this point, you should stay careful and stick to a daily budget so you can always enjoy your spins properly. This sounds simple enough, but the Slots games you’ll find with the help of MobileLottoUSA.com are very tempting. You’ll soon see that they’re a lot easier to learn than they are to stop playing!

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